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Did you know, a 'Steel Magnolia' is a woman with both traditional femininity & and uncommon fortitude | As a strong yet delicate young female artist I identify closest with nature. Imagine life as a flower, constantly creating & spreading life. To stand tall against any storm & thrive in new environments. I will likely spend the rest of my days perfecting the art of the flower. Much like the art of being human we are also responsible for spreading life, standing tall, and embracing change the best we can. To learn and grow is one thing but to evolve, connect, experience and capture the gift of life is something unbelievable.


The Artist | Kailey Campana


I live an unconventional lifestyle, I tend to make decisions based on passion, and creativity has always been my north star. So settling into this beautiful life we've created & building a brand that authentically represents everything I believe in, it truly feels amazing to finally live the creative fun life I've always dreamt of. I love to imagine my life as a romantic comedy, one of those girl chasing her passion but finds herself doing something entirely different but infinitely better than she ever expected. I have lived many lives but this one is by far my favorite, but the moments that we are unplugged and together are the ones we never get to capture. So I came to the conclusion that I will only capture moments that matter from now on. Creating memories you never want to forget & getting to keep them forever. Philosophy is a personal passion of mine and it plays such a huge part of how I view this big beautiful world of ours, the amazingly diverse existence of life is something I love to capture; moments that make life feel special, moments that tell your story as it is being written. I simply want to illustrate the experience. xoxo - K


Meet The Team


Jasper Bell

Adventure Buddy | Good Boy

Baille Mikell

Second Shooter | Barrel Racer

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